Free bat consultation

We understand the importance of finding a bat that's right for you which is why we offer a free consultation service where we can discuss your style of play, bat preferences and likes and will then suggest a handful of bats we have in stock that will be most suitable for you.

If there's something you've seen that you like the look of on our website or social media let us know and we can send you a personalised video or more pictures of that bat too.  

We are passionate about helping you to find the right bat so we can send you a video showing the grain structure, bat profile and the all important ping test and compare the bats you like side by side.  Let us know what it is you would like to see.

Alternatively you can book in to come visit us at our showroom in Hove, East Sussex.

If you want more pictures or videos of any of our bats it would be our pleasure to help. Email, call, DM or use the contact form below.

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