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About us

Custom Cricket 201 is a family run business based in Brighton & Hove, East Sussex, in the South of England.  Owner Nick has had a passion for Cricket since he was a young boy; being born in the North of England cricket was instilled in him from an early age. He has played the whole of his life at various levels.  Now living in the South of England with his wife and two children he may have lost his Yorkshire accent but his love of the game is still going strong. 

The Vision

Having such a strong attachment to Cricket, Nick has always wanted to build a lifestyle around his beloved sport.  His young family has meant less time playing in recent years but with his passion as strong as ever CC201 was born. 

Focusing on traditional, handmade cricket bats crafted from English Willow that is sourced from the best growers in the UK; here at CC201 we shine a light on the hardworking, independent companies whose love of the sport is shown in the quality of their products, rather than just stocking your big name generic brands.  ALL of our bats are handmade.  You won't find mass produced bats here. 

Where possible Nick hand picks the individual bats (based on pick-up and balance) from the bat makers directly.

The range of equipment we have at CC201 is of professional quality allowing you to push the boundaries of your performance. 

Why '201'?

201 (n.o.) was Nick's highest batting score to date.  If anyone has the cheek to tell you this was achieved on a hangover... well then they would be right!