XX Powerband (laminate performance bat)

David from XX Cricket has produced a two piece laminated english willow cricket bat made for exceptional performance. 

The bat itself is made up of two pieces of wood glued together; the front being of exceptional performance in its own right - the under layer being of a lower grade which has been softly pressed. A veneer is perfectly set on top of the two layers and then hard pressed.  The high quality adhesive that is used dries to create an extra layer of stiffness and strength. The 'Springy' effect that is achieved by this results in a bat that can produce a staggering amount of ping and power.  

Many see the laminated bat as a huge innovation in the advancement of a cricket bat.  The skill and craftsmanship that goes into making a bat like this comes from years of honing your trade.

The 'Laminate Bat' was used by Pros across the globe up until 2008 when the MCC deemed the use of such a bat to be an unfair advantage over the bowlers.  Think Graham Gooch's 333 against India! 

If not being used professionally then you will still see these bats being used by big hitters in amateur club cricket, providing the ultimate performance in power hitting.

The POWERBAND is incomparable to a regular bat, its possibilities are off the chart.

  • Lightweight handle
  • Impeccable balance
  • Two pieces of high performing english willow
  • Highest quality adhesive to improve strength and performance
  • Limitless hitting zone
  • 40mm edges
  • 2'10 (Picks up much lighter)
  • Free Bat Cover