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XX VS Butterfly Bat - Pink & Black

XX VS Butterfly Bat - Pink & Black

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This VS Butterfly bat from XX Cricket has been expertly handcrafted by David Wolstenholme who is a globally recognised master bat maker and is a go to for many international professionals.

Butterfly Willow is a cleft that has a naturally occurring stain in it.  The stain itself can vary in appearance but has no effect on playing performance as it is only cosmetic.  The grain structure is fantastic and is generally strengthened by the stain; the performance of these bats is of the highest standard at a very affordable price point.

Every single bat that leaves David's workshop has been put through very strict quality checks so you can be certain you'll own a truly exceptional cricket bat.

  • Butterfly English Willow 
  • Extended hitting zone
  • Great balance and pick up
  • Semi oval handle 
  • Perfectly balanced
  • Stunning holographic decals
  • 2'13
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