CC201 - G3

We at CC201 are huge believers in buying and promoting the lower grades of willow that often get overlooked for not being 'good looking' as we know a minor blemish or mark on the face of the bat has no effect on it's performance; it is purely cosmetic. 

We consider ourselves extremely fortunate that we have access to some of the finest english willow available that is grown in the UK.  Each of our bats is handcrafted from start to finish and doesn't leave the workshop unless it meets our high standards. 

If you put value and performance first over how a bat looks we are confident that these bats will be hard to beat on their price point.  

Most of these bats would easily be Grade 1 if it were not for the naturally occuring cosmetic imperfections found on the cleft.  

- 1/2 inch shorter blade

- 1/2 inch longer handle

- Sublime pick up

- Pressed to optimum level

- Full profile

- Extended hitting zone

- Fully knocked in

 - Grade 3

- Weight 2'12