Sustainability & Traceability

Traceability and Sustainability are important to us here at CC201.

The demand for English Willow is huge what with the increased demand from the Asian markets as they have the majority market share, which can make it difficult to source. 

All of the bat makers we work with all know how important sustainability is to ensure there is enough Salix Alba Caerulea for our future generations. 

This is why top bat makers such as Paul Aldred of Aldred Cricket have invested heavily in planting willow. 

Did you know that top English Willow Supplier 'JS Wright' plant on average 3 saplings for every tree they fell?   They have a ‘continuing regeneration programme’ to ensure their top-class English Willow is available for future generations.


All of the bats we stock are made from English Willow sourced from the top growers here in the UK.

Every one of the bats we sell is handmade from start to finish.

Being able to trace the bats history from original design through to picking the cleft, hand shaping, pressing and its final finish is something all of the bat makers we work with have in common.