Collection: CC201 Bats

Our own range of 'Custom Cricket 201' handmade cricket bats offer fantastic value for money with performance to match.
We believe that everyone should be able to use a high quality cricket bat that can perform as well as a top of the range bats but at a much more affordable price. 
We believe that the lower graded willow should always be considered when buying a new cricket bat as they perform just as well as the higher grades but are not priced as such due to naturally occuring blemishes present either on the face or back of the bat.  This however has no detrimental effect on how the bat performs, it is purely cosmetic.  We also stock  Butterfly Willow bats as they offers such good value for money.  
Handcrafted from start to finish by some of the most reputable bat makers in the business.  They offer superb performance due to the high skill level of bat maker as well as the english willow used.
 We know that every cricket bat that we have made with our stickers on is fit to be used for both amateur and professionals alike.