Feed Buddy Review

Feed Buddy Review

What do you get a cricket loving 6 year old who would hit balls in his sleep if he could? 

A Feed Buddy wasn't my wifes first choice for our soon to be 6 year old but I thought it was an ingenious plan!  The Feed Buddy came onto my radar a few months back via social media and immediately I thought to myself 'I want...sorry NEED this!' 

Fast forward to Fin's birthday and he was absolutely over the moon to open his presents and the box revealing his very own ball feeder.  **Apparently he says my bowling isn't good enough and I only get it right sometimes....which is pretty accurate to be fair going on how I tend to bowl on a Saturday!**

Anyway back to the Feed Buddy... it was super easy to set up and within 5 minutes your hitting balls... just remember to buy the 4 x D Batteries which I had forgotten about which led to a panic rush to the shops on a bank holiday evening at 8pm to find that no where open stocked them! 

This gentle throw down machine has manual settings for longer and closer feeds (3 to 4m) - again very easy to use with either tennis balls or light bowling machine balls.  The ball feeder allows you to stack 10 balls which fire out every 5 seconds allowing you to perfect your shots!  Both Finley and I were crunching balls in the back garden for hours.  Its so light and easy to transport taking it to the local park isn't a problem and it is small enough to be carried in a bag for life!

We were both really impressed how easy this was to set up and use.  Even my 6 year old can set this up alone when I am busy.  He is genuinely out in the garden before school using this and at every opportunity he gets to... in his words 'moose some balls'.

We both love it and highly recommend the Feed Buddy so if you were thinking about getting one just do it.  All I need is a regular supply of tennis balls as his range hitting is getting out of control or I need to look into buying a Feed Buddy Garden Cricket net next!


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