Butterfly Willow

Butterfly Willow

Beautiful to most but unattractive to some, Butterfly Willow is a cleft that has a naturally occurring stain in it.  The stain itself can vary in appearance but has no effect on playing performance as it is only cosmetic.  The grain structure is fantastic and is generally strengthened by the stain; the performance of these bats is of the highest standard at a very affordable price point.

Sustainability is an ever-increasing issue with highly sought-after English Willow.  With demand high for the best English Willow, Master Bat Makers are finding it more difficult to accommodate this increasing call for the higher grades resulting in the age-old problem of supply and demand and therefore high price tags.  Butterfly Willow Bats allows the buyer to have the option of selecting a bat that would rival the performance of any high-end bat carrying a higher price tag.  It all comes down to cosmetics and as ever beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

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