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Are you still choosing a bat based on its weight?

Choosing a cricket bat can be a minefield!  

Think you want a lightweight bat?

How do you choose what weight of cricket bat to go for?

Should you even choose a bat based on its weight?

Adult bats typically weigh between 2lb 7oz and 3lb but there is no standard weight.

The two main elements that affect the weight of a bat are the woods density and the moisture content.  This is dependant on where the wood is grown and what environmental factors they have to face; rainfall in particular.  

Bats need to have a moisture content otherwise they will become too brittle and far too light and will not be fit for purpose.

The drying out process (as well as how the bat is made) is a contributing factor to how the bat is balanced and its pick-up.  This is how a bat should be chosen as it comes down to personal feel. Too much emphasis is often put on a specific bat weight.  

Mass produced bats from the subcontinent often get away with producing large bats that are extremely lightweight because they dry out the wood to within an inch of its life.  This makes the bats extremely brittle and reduces their longevity. 

All of the bats we stock at CC201 are handmade by some of the most recognised bat makers in the trade who have perfected their craft over long periods of time.  Each bat will have had the weight evenly distributed through the blade resulting in bats that are balanced with an excellent pick-up and are bigger in appearance (edges, toes, hitting zone, sweet spot, spine).  The bats are made to last.

We encourage you to contact us directly so that we can guide you or help narrow down your options when choosing a bat if you are not sure.  Where possible we are always happy to meet you so that you can get a hands on feel of the bats and can then decide on the right bat for you.  Not local? No problem we can arrange a video call directly with you (or sent to you) to show you the bats you like up close with an all important ping test so you can get a better idea.

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